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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  April 30, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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how prosecutors say he tried to kill his accusers from his jail cell. we'll have the details next. >> our local weather anything but after rage. hottest day of 2014 tomorrow cooling into the weekend xtd we' we'll show you your forecast. >> the high-rise moving across the bridge. let's look live outside. those clear skies making the way in for the heat. it is april 30th. this is today in the bay. >> from nbc bay area. this is today in the bay. >> and a very good morning to you. thank you for joining us. live look at san jose this morning. go dress light temperatures are expected to be in the 90s.
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and you know it is hot when you start to see 80 degree temperatures in san francisco. that could be in the mid 80s today in the city. >> at 5:01 while we are dealing with the high heat today it is a different story in the south. even though the storm that killed dozens in the west and south has weakened. touchdowns in the south tearing apart neighborhoods. now there are new concerns of flooding. a driver died in florida overnight after a car was swept away by flood waters. rain has closed the interstate 10 along the florida border. drivers are being told to stay off the roads for 24 hours.
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i man was forced to cling to a tree for hours. you see they were trying to bring him a laugh jacket to wear. a firefighter had to rescue the same man to flood waters. investigators say he tried to hire a hitman to kill his victims. today in the bay christie smith has more detail on how this scheme was uncovered. >> good morning to you. it sounds like a hollywood movie one that is almost unbelievable. district attorney's inspector posteded a add and his golf in truck tore tried to hire that man as a hit man.
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the new accusation is that he tried to get two of his victims killed from his cell. according to the chronicle, he wrote letters looking to have two of his victims quote taken care of and that letter ended up in the hands of an informant. he worked at a contract worker and trained students in the south and midwest. he described himself as a mechanic who could fix cars and made a shooting motion with his hands. he allegedly said that there were two cars he wanted etaken care of one now 21 years old. he was facing 75 felony counts and he is accused of suggesting
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that his victim's cell phones be stolen in this so that it would look like a robbiery. >> thank you. we have new video of a barely recognizable car in sunnivale. the car hit a poll and then rolled over. you can see the car asmashed in. the driver only suffered minor injuries. keeping an eye on breaking news. crews are on the scene of a house fire north of downtown. that fire started north of 8 and empire streets. firefighters say they saw smoke when they arrived. the fire was quickly put out and nobody was hurt. >> the bill dubbed audrey's law
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adds another year if photos are taken and shared on social media. the family was hoping it would prosecute juveniles as adults. in 2012 three high school students assaulted her while she was unconscious and then posted photos of her. she killed herself afterwards. >> in a facebook post last night family said jared leaf remains in critical condition. some of the burn ps appear to b healing on their own. the 20 dwreeryear old suffered degree burns last week when he
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escaped from this fire. >> sterling's usual courtside seat was empty last night. it is up to thenno eowners to s him of the seat. he cancel the clippers benefiting his bottom line. if he does not accept the order to sell, he can fight the issue in court. if that happens, this issue could drag on for the rest of the 80 year old's life. >> people are being told to cut back or pay more. officials are asking people to
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caug cut back by 30% or more. >> it is going to be a hot one today. it is so dry out there. >> it could be dryer. because of the recent rainfall that we have had we are okay. even with the combination of dry winds and strong high pressure. triple digit heat in the forecast. boug because of that rainfall we are doing okay. definitely dangerous and we are getting the santa ana winds. it is balmy out there this morning. i want to show you the comparison between now and 24 hours ago. as we head throughout the day today, easily i mean easily hitting the 90s. widespread 90s on the way. those will be isolated and we are expecting the hottest region to be the south bay.
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these are your highs for today. the 92 degrees in the north bay. we are going to see comfortable levels. but 86 degrees is warm especially by local standards out there. the heat is going to break i'll tell you about that coming up. tomorrow we are going to drop your temperatures a couple of degrees. as we head into the weekend that heat is going to break. let's check your drive and say good morning to mike. good morning we are looking over here towards the bridge. easy flow of traffic with those taillights. i did see a pattern that looks like they were east down. the map will show you they moved across 92. coming out of the pass we see a
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little bit of slowing for a tiny bit into livermoore as folks travel through 680 down into the south bay. still reports of a chair frame or a sofa part south of 85 stwroo investigators spent the night picking through the apa apartment of a woman north of san jose. they found the body right off of 680. today live near the san jose apartment complex where a memorial has been growing. >> if you can see behind me, where this mother lived with her three daughters, police left the scene not too long ago after spending yesterday after noon and evening collecting evidence, they still don't know who
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stabbed her to death and why. it was a neighbor who called 911 and let them know she was inured and they found her with at least one stab wound. even though shoe was down the street it did not matter, here wound was so severe. and police have not released her id. she kept to herself and had twin school aged daughters. not clear if that child was with her when she disappeared. sometimes i let them play outside and watch them. you might recall three months ago a man stabbed three people on thanksgiving day.
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back out here live you can see where people left candles outside this woman's apartment. the woman murdered here yesterday, 13th homicide for 2014. police point out they are at the same number this year that they were at last year. >> all right thank you, bob. >> it is 5:11 one skydiver is dead the other in the hospital after they collide in mid air over central california. coming up next. >> plus a botched execution is leading to new questions about whether the drug is humane. what we are learning overnight.
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today in the bay's peggy bunker joins us with the story. death row inmate clayton locker was executed overnight however, it didn't go as planned and the state governor has halted all executions. he was convicted of murdering a recent high school graduate. he shot and killed her for her new truck. his execution was scheduled for tuesday. he received the first injection in the state's new three drug combination. he began convulsing and tried to get off the table.
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43 minutes later he died of a heart attack. >> we wanted to hurry up and get it done. this is what they did. there should not be another execution in this state until there is a full execution in this state. but in other states as well. after many states scramble to sort the execution drugs. states have sourced their own drugs but are refusing to reveal where those drugs come from. after that execution with locket. another inmate charles warner is being given 14 more days to live. officials are forced to postpone that after what happened last
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night. >> apple samsung patent infringement lawsuit, jury roars listened to a month of testimony. apple is demanding samsung pay $2.2 billion of samsung for infringing on patents. >> keep an eye on twitter this morning. $38 a share. investors concerned that twitter is not growing anywhere fast enough. san jose company reporting gains but not big enough. the stock dropped 4% after hours. once again when you look closely enough it turns out ebay doesn't
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contribute enough. >> temperatures are expected to spike today. gee are starting with 65 degrees. and the only place where you are getting heat relief right now you can see san francisco let me take you through your day. it is unusual to get this warm from the city. it will be mild out here. it is clear out there.
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68 by 9:00 am. between noon and 3:00 p.m. we are up to 85 degrees. it is going to be 98 in pleasantton. and just shy of 100 in santa rosa. if you have outdoor activities the sooner the better today. we are going to see significant changes. today we peak at 94 degrees in san jose. as we continue through the week we are going to drop off. on the line graph we head through on sunday. 72 degrees. we are on the high end 94. no average in the weather
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department. let's see how your drive is shaping up. how are we doing this morning? >> that was slow at times and a lot more traffic flow. we had spring ridge rotated around the bay. right now we'll track that is going to be hot that is for sure. looks like my stocks. looking over here a smooth drive. we'll zoom into a couple of spots. dublin interchange going to be very hot and slower but not so bad. a predictable build for 580 westbound. i showed you in the approach, hoping for a repeat as far as the score or result from last night. no delays there.
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i told you about a power line to cross highway 29 that reopened both directions move smoothly. back to you. >> thank you mike. the faa investigators after a pair of skydivers collided in the skies 20 miles north of stockton yesterday after noon. just seconds after they jumped out of the plane they hit each other. one man suffered a broken leg and the other knocked out leaving him unable to deploy his chute. >> the santa clara county board of supervisors has asked lori smimg to come up with some kind
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of plan to protect transit lines to free up officers to patrol neighborhoods. >> they are ditching those pink mustac mustaches. no word yet on the specifics but last week they added it serveses to over 20 cities. >> 5:21 "jeopardy" gets a spin off show. p
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. stick around and we'll tell you why matt cane will not be pitching. >> walmart will soon be offering
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one stop shopping to car insurance. the service will be available in a few months. >> it shows a truck pushing a car down the street. there you see it. you think he would stop. the car turned in front of the truck. the truck keeps going. maybe the driver never saw the car. see how high he is? >> nobody was hurt. but just -- it is. >> after more than 30 years on the air jeopardy is getting a spin off show. >> starting this fall there will be a sports version of the question and answer show. they plan to make the show available.
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there will be an app so that people at home can play along with it. >> i will take how hot will it be for $100 please. >> temperatures warm out there today. 94 for the south bay. 100 straight up in gill roy. it makes tit for fragrant when that happens. but mike, it is a dry heat. >> over towards the bridge, right now the traffic moves nightly across 92. here let's look at the map. westbound for your commute direction. i'm looking at 92 heading over towards the bay.
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expect traffic and the rest of the bay typical commute going on right now. we are watching again the get away towards santa cruz. and it feels okay and we wait to the try valley. 580 nothing unusual. slowing through livermoore back to you. >> the man accused of setting fires in the south bay is ter rising the neighborhood is going to court today. >> what investigators are telling us this morning. >> you are looking at live pictures you can see how clear it is. we'll look at the weather coming up in just a bit.
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reunited the south bay teen
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who stowed away is back with his father this morning. major cooling on the way. your forecast is moments away. >> so i hope your car has air conditioning. we are starting to see a little build we'll show you how the wednesday commute is shaping up. this is wednesday april 30th. this is today in the bay. we have a live look at the sap center in san jose this morning. crewing are going to have to pump the ac to keep it cool
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tonight. temperatures are expected to be in the 90s today. >> meanwhile at least one person is dead in florida as the same storm that spawned the deadly tornados later this week worked its way across the united states. 14 inches of rain dumped on pensacola in 24 hours. florida highway patrol said one driver drowned had within swept away. in mobile, alabama a man was pulled to safety. in florida areas remain under watches and warnings. there are no reports of injuries. that is a different story than earlier this week. the number of tornados in the south has reached 35. among them university of alabama student friends say he held up a
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concrete slab long enough for his girlfriend to get out from under neither it. he died when it collapsed on top of him. >> a golf pro in jail for sexual assault charges is now being accused of hiring a hit man. good morning christie. >> reporter: yeah good morning to you. kind of unbelievable when you hear the details. according to court documents this golf coach wrote letters from jail saying that he wanted to have two minors taken care of. those letters ended up in the hands of an undercover inspector. he got in touch with 32-year-old andrew nesbitt in jail. he was already in custody with
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counts alleging that he molested minors now trying to hire a hitman to those charges. he described a manic -- a mechanic is a term sometimes used to mean contract killer. but the story is unbelievable. he is accused of saying that he had two cars that needed taken care of and actually said the name of one alleged victim who was 21 years old. he was facing 75 felony counts including lewd acts with a child. there are new charges guess him. his next court date is june 10th. today in the bay. >> can't make this stuff up. >> thank you so much.
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>> the man accused of setting more than a dozen fires will h be back in court today. 48-year-old patrick brennan has not entered a plea. he is already a registered arsonnist and sex offender. investigators say he has set fire in a warehouse over the course of three days back in january. lamar disappeared while walking to cschool in 2012. he was indicted in february and has pleaded not guilty. his body has not been found but did find her dna in he his car. >> investigators are looking into the cause of a late night explosion at the railroad
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tracks. has mass crzmat crews were call area but it is not clear what they found. several streets in the area were closed for an hour but have since reopened. investigators were in and out of apartment near the valley medical center overnight. today in the bay's bob purdell is there live. >> reporter: you are correct. neighbors tell us that this woman lived in this apartment complex for just a few months. you can see there is a small memorial that people set up in her honor.
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he collected evidence from this woman's unit. they don't know who stabbed her and why. it was a neighbor who was inside her apartment unit and they found her with at least one stab wound. even though she was down the street it did not matter she was pronounced dead on the scene. neighbors tell us they would see this woman out taking her daughter for a walk. she had twin daughters who attended school. >> my son is there at school and you don't want to think about somebody breaking the news to you. i was worried. >> you might recall several months ago i man stabbed three people not far from here. police shot and killed that
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suspect. the woman here is the city's 13th homicide. san jose said it is at the same number as it was last year. the mother of three young girls dead. reporting live here, today in the bay. >> all right bob. thank you. >> so police are looking for two more suspects as they investigate homicide number 11. the men pictured here are already under arrest. 25-year-old eric mendoza was gunned down early in the morning. witnesses tell us men doze sa was reparking his car when he was shot and killed. relatives say he had no gang
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ties. >> it is 5:36 the teen who stowed away in the wheel wells of an airplane has been reunited with his father. he met up with his father yesterday. more than a week ago he hid in the wheel well of a plane bound for hawaii. investigators say the teen was trying to go to africa to reunite with his biological mother but picked the wrong flight. >> it is going to be really hot today. what did you guys think of yesterday? >> pretty hot. >> another good day to stay in doors. if you don't like the heat? stay inside for the day. and stay inside the kitchen. it is one of those days you don't want to add additional heat to your home. the warmest regions will be your
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inland valley spot. but we are going to hit the upper 80s forecasts 87 degrees today. nobody is spared from the heat. i can tell you it is the peak from the heat wave. remember the forecast shows you by next week more comfortable levels coming your way. we are expecting the coolest temperatures to come in. by this afternoon. around 3:30 that is when we are talking about widespread 90s. as well places like gilroy stand the best chance for that. temperatures in the 70s as the sun starts to go down. warm clear evening coming your way. the temperatures coming your way. make sure they are ready for it. extra water bottle probably a
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good idea. as you know, we want to take care of the appreciate ones out there. offshore flow by today, that is going to reverse. as a result, significant cooling at the coast but it will stay nice and toasty inland. that heat breaks and temperat e temperaturtemperatur temperatures tumble. if you get through today it is downhill from here. over here, look at that beautiful sunrise that is happening. we get no shelter from that sun. smooth drive and it is a typical pattern and we'll look at the map. no problem. westbound with that arrow as you look toward emeryville. tonight, 7:15 giants versus the
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padres. hot one in the city. plan on shorter patience out there. use your own. moves are predictable and we will move into a spot here. again, westbound 580 moves smooth. we'll give a a look as the volume moves into dublin towards the nst change. >> 5:40 new report just released we'll tell you what bay area cities lag. >> one man is already lining up investors we'll have details nest.
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a live look outside this
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morning. the american lung association releasing a new report on the air we breathe and things not looking very good for the south bay. good morning tracy. there is a lot of pollution out there. the american length association came out overnight and these are the graeds for counties in the south bay area. better in some other counties.
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even though things like things are getting better, smog, ozone is not. la at the top of the list for bad air. there was one year where they didn't make the top of the list. that is new and it is part of what the obama administration is doing. they step in and they can require them to bring down their emissions. and the backlash but that is not what the court decided. >> we are learning more about the man that walked into a fedex
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facility that worked as a package handler in georgia. early yesterday morning he drove up to the gate and shot the guard. he was armed with several mollitoff cocktails as well. >> la clipper's owner could soon be forced to sell the team. he was fined $2.5 million. the punishment stems from racist comments that he admits to making to a former girlfriend. >> according to the news 25 of
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the owners already are backing him and he only needs three fourths of the vote i think he is he going to get it. >> what he has done is taken away from the game itself. >> to word on how soon the owners could goat vote on forcing sterling to selling the clippers. >> mayweather says he is serious and has spoken to his adviser on how to make the deal happen. others include magic johnson and rick caruso. sterling bought the club for $13 million in 1981 and now the team is worth $600 million. >> today the senate will vote on a democrat k plan to raise the federal minimum wage. the bill would raise the minimum
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wage over the next two years. not terribly relevant to california we have a higher minimum wage. two bills cleared a senate committee to require all state and local government buildings put diaper changing tae ing tab in the bathrooms for both moms and dads. here is what it looked like outside a san francisco ice cream parlor. >> today, especially right? i hate to say some of the pools are still too cool to jump into.
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let's show you where you can find the heat release. the temperatures are getting into the coolest part of the day. they are in order of how mild they are out there. 61 degrees in san francisco and then you fall as you get closer to the north bay. as you can see right now, completely clear, no fog to start the day indication of a warm day ahead. if you want to put that on the table, especially little ones who suffer from asthma for today you should be okay to get out the door and get the air amount developing. 86 degrees in san francisco and we are getting enough of that off-shore wind to keep things
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mixed up. this is what we are looking for a we head throughout the day today. hottest day of the year by far. here is where we are headed. south bay will be the hottest. san francisco today 87. 99 degrees today in santa rosa. we are getting a cool down right now. here is where you can go if you are looking for the coolest temperatures today. look at this. you will be at 75 degrees today. 72 for tomorrow. and the sun doesn't go down until 8:00 tonight. you can still get out there to the beach. this is where we are headed. it is going to stay hot. temperatures in the mid 90s today. and we are going to drop more so as we continue through the week drop in like a rock.
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it kicks in by saturday and sunday. let's check your drive. we are have a build up for the traffic. northbound 101. everybody kind of merges onto the freeway. north of 680. we'll look at the map and things are not so dramatic for the area. we have slowing now and it is starting to develop for 87. we don't see a lot of activity but i'm watching this because we are expecting more. watch the evening commute to be slow across the summit. because of the reasons christina gave you. looking over here. a smooth drive 92 will be more crowded as well. the only slow down here. the build at the dublin interchange for westbound 80.
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moving slowly past downtown toll plaza where the pattern shows all of your lanes starting to back up. back to you. >> thanks crews will begin recov recovering wreckage found in the bay area waters. crews found the wreckage of the plane about a mile and a half off the shore. the pilot is presumed dead. the other plane landeded 100 miles away. we are told they knew each other. >> it all comes down to tonight for the sharks. we have a live look of the center off to the right there. where the sharks must win to move onto the playoffs. if they lose the season would be over. the puck drops tonight at 7:00. >> the warkers will mace a similar situation tomorrow night
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at home. they lost in los angeles last night. that game is tomorrow night at 7:30. >> giant's pitcher is confident he is going to miss one start after he cut his finger making a sandwich in the clubhouse. he dropped a knife and cut it. it kept opening up. he started in cane's place and got runs to work with early and went onto pitch six shut out innings tonight at 7:15. amazon trying to help you get fit. we'll tell you about it coming up.
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you are watching "today in the bay". >> stocks fell 10% last night. twitter reporting better than expected earnings but the company still struggling to add new users fast enough. >> amazon opens a page on it's site dedicated to users wearing wear ab wearable devices. samsung debuted watches. >> what you need today is a thermometer. >> do you want to watch your outdoor activityies today.
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we are still in spring after all we are still in april. that will be the case in places like 94. 86 in san francisco. we are nice and chilly right now. we how you are doing on a wednesday. we are looking over here. we have the lights on as well. they were turned on last second. filling in past the 880. making their way matt shows you an easy drive down pretty predictable pattern there. nothing dramatic. speed through and the south bay your northbound route for 87 heading up to 280. those are the slower routes. back to you. not bad. >> 556.
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people in the south on edge this morning. we'll have the latest details next. we hear from the woman present when donald sterling made those racist comments. >> early morning house fire. what may have started it next. >> and a look at the bay bring 5:57. sun coming up going to be a hot one today. so what we're looking for is a way to "plus" our accounting firm's mobile plan. and "minus" our expenses. we're offering our best-ever pricing on mobile plans for business. run the numbers on that. well, unlimited talk and text, and ten gigs of data for the five of you would be... thirty-five bucks each! with a year of high-speed internet, free. ah, "free" is not deductible! i smell audit! i smell savings... at&t mobile share value plans for business. now with a year of free high-speed internet.
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breaking news and a bay area golf teacher accused of trying to hire a hit man.
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meanwhile we have severe heat in the forecast for today. feels warm already. we are looking at a commute as it heats up here. we will sort out the maze coming up. there is a pretty shot. it is a live look outside at 6:00 am. it is wednesday april 30th. this is today in the bay. we begin with breaking news the red cross hoping three people in san jose who can't


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